JLo Invites Beyonce To See Her Vegas Show Apparently

Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez hung out at the Oscars, collaboration is imminent.

Oh to be a fly on the wall listening to Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce trade stories at the Oscars on Sunday.

Rumor has it JLo is beginning a residency in Las Vegas this spring, and apparently Beyonce wants to do one eventually, too.

“Talk between the two was brief but when they did talk they dabbled in a few areas, mostly kids stuff, the happenings of the night and what they were individually working on,” a source tells Hollywood Life.

“Beyonce was actually interested in Jen’s upcoming Vegas residency and congratulated her on that because Beyoncé would like to do that in the future. And when the conversation came to a close Jennifer mentioned that Beyoncé should come to her show to perform at some point this season, obviously meaning American Idol,” they continued.

I definitely don’t see Beyonce performing on American Idol or at JLo’s Vegas show, but I do see her watching the show incognito and taking copious notes.

Are you here for a Beyonce/JLo project?