Jennifer Lopez

JLo Has Fitness Magazine Photos Too

Jennifer Lopez attempts to steal Britney Spears’ Women’s Health magazine thunder.

JLo, A.K.A. the age-defying Puerto Rican chanteuse, appears on the upcoming issue of Self magazine. In the beautiful shots, Jenny from the block proves women of all ages should stay in shape and live a healthy lifestyle. JLo fails to mention she ***** the souls of unsuspecting young women.

“I’m facing my fears and working on myself,” the headline reads on the cover.

In other words, “My life is and will always be better than yours. You basic *******.”

In her interview, Jennifer reveals she’s working with Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins for her next album (“If You Had My Love”).

“I still consider myself a dancer first and foremost,” she says. “Well, after being a mother, of course.”

See two more shots below: