They don’t know her.

During Katy Perry’ performance of “Bon Appé***” with Migos at the Met Gala on Monday (May 1), Perry did her thing. Unfortunately, it wasn’t up to par with Madonna or JLo’s standards. Understandable considering both women typically dominate the stage.

This is one of those viral Internet occurrences that gets misconstrued for momentary amusement, but it’s too good not to relish in. I’m sure if a reporter asks them what they thought of Perry’s performance, they’d rant and rave. But the camera doesn’t lie.

Perry arrived to the event in a Maison Margiela ‘Artisanal’ piece designed by John Galliano that had the word “Witness” embroidered on it (most likely referencing her upcoming album title). Read more about that here.

The pop star also performed “Chained To The Rhythm.” See it all below:

JLo and Madonna:

“Bon Appé***”:

“Chained To The Rhythm”:

Met Gala interview:

I miss the good ol’ days.

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