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JLo: Actually, I Will Perform At The World Cup

JLo: Actually, I Will Perform At The World Cup

Jennifer Lopez can’t decide whether she wants to sit at home and count her millions or perform at this year’s World Cup in Brazil and THEN count her millions.

The “First Love” singer announced she’d perform with Pitbull at the major soccer event taking place on Thursday in Sao Paulo, but pulled out due to “production issues.”

AKA ***** wants more money!

“The backlash was so significant that she decided that she needed to attend,” a source inside the World Cup organizing committee told Radar.

“JLo was in a back and forth with the World Cup about expenses,” the insider confirmed. “She had wanted them to cover everything for her, from private transportation, to her hotel and the costs associated for her entire entourage.”

“But in the end, the record label privately told JLo that she needed to perform this event,” the source added. “It’s the world stage…It would have been foolish for her not to exploit the World Cup for the publicity factor alone.”

The big booty bombshell’s rep confirms to People JLo WILL perform.

“Jennifer has always wanted to participate in the World Cup opening ceremonies,” the rep says. “We have been trying to work out scheduling and logistics. Any statements to the contrary were premature. Jennifer would not want to disappoint her fans or fans of futbol. She will be there.”

JLo, Pitbull and Leitte will perform their song “We Are One” for the finale of the opening ceremony, which artistic director Daphne Cornez says “is a tribute to Brazil and its treasures: nature, people, football.”

Many think it’s the worst World Cup song of all time.

But get dem coins JLo!

JLo: Actually, I Will Perform At The World Cup