She’s left rehab, now Britney can get back to doing what she does best…

Mark Ronson reckons Britney Spears can make a big chart comeback now people have seen her “loopy” side.

The producer who’s covered Brit’s hit ‘Toxic’ on his new album, told, “I definitely think she can come back. I think she’s slightly more interesting than all the other (female popstars) because there’s something quite troubled and vulnerable about her now.

“You’re like, “Oh yeah, she’s a bit loopy and as messed up as the rest of us’. So if she comes back with a great song I think she will be even more popular.”

He added, “I think if she’d gone around for another 3 months not wearing underwear it might’ve been a different story but she’s managed to stay on the other side of Lindsay Lohan who’s just become a joke.”

But Ronson, who worked on Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen’s last albums, isn’t about to do a ‘Timbaland’ and offer to work with Brit on her new stuff.

“Some people have reached out from her label,” he revealed. “But I’m not sure. She might be one of those people that I can appreciate their music from afar. “Toxic’ is an amazing song but I’d never have produced a song like that, it’s just not my style. It’s much more modern and slick. I’m not sure if we’d be a good match.”

Ronson’s album ‘Versions’ hits the shelves on April 16.

Source: MTV UK

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