Check out the set up of Britney’s stage for her performance tonight on Jimmy Kimmel!

UPDATE: She just arrived! (4:30 PM PST).

UPDATE: She’s filming a skit (rumored with Johnny Knoxville)! (5:00 PM PST).

UPDATE: Britney Tweeted fans about her recent Jackass experience, saying:


Just did my first @jackassworld stunt with Knoxville and company. Knoxville better watch his back… -Britney

UPDATE: Hearing Christina Aguilera showed up and met Britney for awhile!

UPDATE: Check out this pic of Britney being a goof with Jackass’ Johnny Knoxville:

Image: via

UPDATE: Just got the first shot of the stage (7:20 PM PST):

UPDATE: Check out Brit’s JKL skit!

UPDATE: Check out Brit’s Jackass skit!

UPDATE: FIRST picture of Britney performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Image: @extracarlo

UPDATE: Heard there was a technical difficulty and she has to restart HIAM.

UPDATE: They canceled the second take.

UPDATE: Show’s over! She wore three new outfits and was very “energetic.” Performances are being uploaded soon!

UPDATE: Big Fat Bass LIVE:


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