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Mariah opens up about her impending marriage, lack of sports knowledge and her children’s curiosity about the human body, all whilst in a bathtub full of water.

Late night is a dog eat dog world and interviewers are pulling out all the stops to secure A-List guests – it’s safe to say no one’s drawn a bath for one of their interviewees before though, so props to Jimmy Kimmel, who interviewed Mariah Carey last night (June 2.)

The “We Belong Together” songstress took to the tub to promote her current Las Vegas residency, which she labels “not the typical” Vegas show. Discussing her staggering 18 number one hits, she also opened up about wishing she could remove a couple from the show – which is a retrospective of all her chart topping successes.

The pair discussed Mariah’s upcoming nuptials, with Carey revealing that she won’t be getting married on the strip, and that she wouldn’t be married by an Elvis impersonator. Giving the camera a good shot of her inexplicably large engagement ring, Mariah chatted about hubby-to-be, Australian billionaire James Packer, who she assured Jimmy wouldn’t be jealous of their joint bathtime.

Clearly the hot water did Mariah good because she was in high spirits, also joking about how she’s no stranger to the clothed bathing experience, often sharing a bath with twin sons Monroe and Moroccan who are, in her words, “really into the discovery of it all.” I’d keep my bathing suit on too.

Check out Kimmel quizzing Mimi on her sports knowledge, which it transpires is sorely lacking:

Mariah’s fourth leg of her Vegas residency – ‘Mariah Carey #1 to Infinity’ – kicks off on June 7 at Ceasar’s Palace.

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