Check out J-J-Jessie J’s new video.


Jessie J has unveiled the visual accompaniment for her contribution to the ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ soundtrack.

After the leak of Jessie J’s new track “Flashlight” earlier this week, the British belter and her camp have clearly been working hard to get her new video ready to go ASAP. The “Bang, Bang” star debuted the clip her latest single this evening and you can see the fruits of her labor here:

The video follows a group of college students and Miss J herself around campus – the very same campus from the song’s associated film. Interspersed with beauty shots and movie snippets galore, the “Flashlight” MV doesn’t let you forget the film it serves to promote – in actual fact, it feels less like a Jessie J track than it did on first listen and more like a generic soundtrack cut.

The theme appears to be that kindness is contagious and love is a flashlight, but the whole thing features one too many metaphors all of which are a little overwrought. Whilst Jessie J gives good face and looks pretty impeccable, she makes up for her vocal restraint by overacting every syllable of every word she sings.

All things considered, this isn’t Jessie’s finest effort but we’ll forgive her because the song – generic or not – is still extremely listenable and might well be a hit in the making.

What do you think of the “Flashlight” video?