The British singer said it took everything to get out of the hospital and perform.

Jessie J Leaves Hospital Bed For Center Stage

Congrats are in order for Jessie J.

The 27-year-old is an inspiration for us all, who publicly documented her struggle for an unknown illness in the hospital over the course of several weeks. After an initial surgery, Jessie was forced to cancel shows in Belgium, Bristol and Denmark before undergoing a second surgery. Despite the rocky road, Jessie’s positive attitude paid off; her early return to perform at the Wireless Festival in Finsbury Park, North London on Sunday went off without a hitch despite doctors telling her to stay in bed.
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She took to Instagram to share the moment with fans, saying:

“When you feel like giving up… DON’T.

I felt so lucky to be on stage today | If you had seen me last week | No one in my friends and family thought I would bounce back for this show (inc myself) | It took everything I had but I did it | I did it | Thank you

My Mum, nephew and Brother in law side of stage to be there for support

Check out her entire 53-minute set at Wireless below:

I have seen a lot of "How are you today" comments… How am I…. *Looks up sighs and has to be honest* I am not ok… I am in a lot of pain. But I'm working on it with the doctors. We all have our moments and one of mine is now. Being human ***** when you are non stop and your body says NOPE not right now. Unexpected but I'm here trying my best to not let it win 🙅🏻 Sometimes admitting how you really feel can be the quickest road to recovery. And PLEASE know all of your understanding, love and support helps me so much. (And the morphine 😳) (And my Mums hugs) How are you today? Love Jess x ❤️

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Welcome back, Jessie J!