Warm and summery.

Jessie J premiered a glistening lyric video for “Real Deal.”

The track isn’t the first single off Jessie’s forthcoming album, but it’s a great sign of things to come. In the new lyric video, the pop star cruises around the streets of L.A. in a classic car and frolics on the beach during sunset. If there weren’t lyrics floating across the screen, I’d say this is a damn good official video for it as well.

Like what you hear? There’s more to come. Jessie recently told Billboard, “with this next lot of music, I’m very much going back to my roots like on my first album, which was very honest,” she said. “From the ages 25-30, you learn so much and grow as a person. You become who you’re going to be for a long time. I’ve also enjoyed the process of just getting back to songwriting on my own.” And she promises it’ll sound cohesive. “It’s a piece of music as opposed to singles and album fillers.”

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