Check out “Flashlight” here.


Jessie J’s fantastic contribution to the soundtrack for Pitch Perfect 2 has surfaced.

London born Jessie J’s latest album may not be having the success that song of the summer “Bang Bang” seemed to promise, but she isn’t letting that hold her back. She’s taken time out of her touring schedule to record a track for the long awaited sequel to the still hilarious Pitch Perfect.

“Flashlight” is an emotional piano ballad which on first listen sounds a little like typical soundtrack fodder, but is actually a strong attempt than usual from the “Price Tag” starlet. Both melodic and catchy, featuring a rousing instrumental and inspirational lyrics, it’s everything the accompaniment to a film like Pitch Perfect should be and will undoubtedly sound perfect when played across the overly emotive climax of the movie.

Perhaps what’s most impressive is how restrained Jessie’s vocals are. J has one of the strongest voices in the industry but shares the all too common misapprehension that the best way to prove what an amazing singer you are is to literally belt every note possible within the 3 and a half minutes you’re given for a pop song. On “Flashlight”, she keeps things simple, singing largely in her very competent head voice and keeping the riffing to a minimum.

If the song takes off, it’s almost sure to receive the video and promotional treatment, especially since a film as anticipated as Pitch Perfect 2 will draw in a huge audience for Jessie J. It’s a shame that she seems incapable of making a hit without affiliating herself to bigger names than her, but “Flashlight” could well keep her relevant long enough to make a stronger album than ‘Sweet Talker’. She’s got the talent, she just needs the material.

What do you think of “Flashlight”?