See what’s in store for the classic’s imminent reinvention.


The 1978 classic musical film that made Hollywood legends out of John Travolta and Olivia Newton John is getting a 2016 makeover.

Theatre’s hottest names, along with a few pop stars, are teaming up to reimagine Grease as a modern stage production. In a unique twist, the much loved film about two 1950s high school cliques, will be filmed and broadcasted live on Fox on January 31.

Carly Rae Jepsen was cast as beauty school dropout Frenchy, and Jessie J has stepped up to take Frankie Valli’s place as vocalist for the iconic theme song Grease Is The Word.

Check them both out in the newly released trailer!

Grease already had a previous renaissance in 1998, after being re-released to cinemas for its 20th anniversary. Various songs from the film charted on Billboard and a special edition megamix did particularly well on the worldwide charts.

With a new cast and a whole new presentation, a third Grease era may soon be upon us.

Do you think Grease 2016 will be just as popular?