Sutta says her new song is about “the arrival of the love you have been waiting, yearning and hoping for.”


Jessica Sutta’s new remix is all love.

The former Pussycat Doll is premiering her new music video for her Rico Love-penned “Let It Be Love” (Tommy Love Big Room Club Mix) on today (July 8). The vibrant and flighty re-working shows Sutta singing to the camera affront a stark black background before a blanket of fog and colored lights takes over during the song’s climax. The visual is stunning, but the message even more so. Sutta, who holds a Grammy nomination, won two Billboard Music Awards and two MTV Video Music Awards, tells BH how her latest release unfolded and the heartfelt message behind it.

What’s the inspiration behind “Let It Be Love?”
When Rico Love wrote the song I was almost in tears because it meant so much to me. It connected with me right away and I knew it would have to be a single. That’s the thing about Rico, he writes a song after conversing with you, as if he pulls emotions out of the depths of your soul! I want my music to have depth and meaning and because I could relate so strongly to the lyrical message of the song I wanted to carry it forward and hopefully others can relate to it too. We have all felt lonely or disconnected and hoped and prayed for love to come our way.

What is the “it” in Let It Be Love?
It can be anything depending on the listeners interpretation and what they might be going through. Love truly is universal and if you look closely there is love in almost everything and everyone. It is about the arrival of the love you have been waiting, yearning and hoping for. Be it romantic love, love from a family member or most importantly, love from yourself, which of course opens up the doors to being loved by others.

What is the message behind “Let It Be Love” for the LGBTQ community?
The LGBT community are equals to the non LGBT community. It is a song and message that relates to human beings that feel and go through emotions, which I believe is all of us. The video features all walks of life, such as members of the LGBT community, people from a variety of cultures, races, religions and genders. We are all human beings and I wanted to portray equality amongst all. Every life has value. We are all important and carry the ability to love ourselves and one another. The video shows all kinds of people dancing, laughing and having a great time. It feels like love. We are all worthy of love. It is crazy that we still have to fight for equality just because of the color of our skin, the culture we were born into or our sexual orientation. The video relates to the LGBT community in the way the community has had to overcome so many struggles just to gain acceptance and love. I want to be a voice for anyone who feels they can not be heard and represent their hearts through my art.

Why a remix video?
The original video is a heartwarming story that represents unconditional love no matter the obstacles and hardships that life throws your way. The story is an emotional journey that illustrates that when you love life, life will love you back. I wanted the remix video to be more about the celebration of love and life itself. Dancing, smiling, loving and joy all wrapped into one. All different types of people with their own unique appearances connected by the bond of the stuff that we are made up of…love. I feel the remix video is less about the journey and more about the celebration of acceptance so it felt really important to have this version of the video.

What’s next?
I am performing lots of shows across the country and will be releasing a number of singles with important visuals throughout the year. Every video and song will be something that has meaning or importance to me. I am so excited to finally be releasing my debut album “Feline Resurrection” in the fall of this year!

Watch the “Let It Be Love” Tommy Club remix video premiere below:

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