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Jermaine Dupri: Mariah Carey Doesn't Take Her Career As Serious As She Should

Is this constructive criticism or shade?

Mariah Carey isn’t the music scene’s public enemy number one. That’s Iggy Azalea. But the last year hasn’t been so smooth for Las Vegas’ new pop diva. From struggling performances to a lack of hits, the overall aura surrounding MC doesn’t feel as positive as it once used to. Unfortunately, her friend and former collaborator Jermaine Dupri has added another layer of criticism to the mix.

Speaking with HipHollywood, Dupri shared his thoughts on the recent MC backlash, admitting that he doesn’t think she takes her career as seriously as she should.

There’s some artists out there that aren’t as serious as they are supposed to be and I think sometimes Mariah doesn’t take it as seriously as she should…Sometimes I think the media is a little too hard on Mariah, but at the same time I think sometimes she has to pay attention to that and say ‘I’m going to be one hundred times more serious than I feel like being right now.”

As for his thoughts on her current Sin City residency, JD says, “I love the fact that she’s in Vegas. I’ve been saying that she should have been there two, three years before now.”

Dupri’s comments regarding Mimi arrive at a pretty interesting time considering everything the singer spoke about in that old-school interview that’s making its rounds. I don’t think Mariah has the same level of patience or dedication as she once had back in 1999, but it’s also understandable. That was almost two decades ago. People change. On top of that, she’s battling a pretty public breakout, dealing with her own insecurities about her deteriorating voice and also prioritizing her role as mother of two.

That’s not to say that the business of things could be more organized. Something as simple as the video release for “Infinity” comes to mind. By the looks of that teaser, it’s a pretty standard Mariah affair, so why is it taking forever to drop? And yet, I also don’t think this was the right venue for JD to communicate these feelings. Sure, he might have already communicated them before his split as her manager, but this just doesn’t seem appropriate considering they’re suppose to be friends and all.

Watch JD discuss Mariah’s backlash below:

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