Jennifer Lopez’s Booty Is Too Much For Morocco To Handle

June 7, 2015 By James Dinh

Imagine that.

Jennifer Lopez's Booty Is Too Much For Morocco To Handle

Big big lawsuit. But you got a big lawsuit.

Jennifer Lopez took Morocco by storm last week when she brought her dancers, pop&b gems and, of course, her booty to the North African country for a full fledge show as part of the Mawazine Music Festival, which aired on public TV. Unfortunately, her bootylicious performance was a little less impressive than we’d consider it here in the United States and La Lopez has been slapped with a lawsuit from an education group.

According to TMZ, J. Lo’s performance “disturbed public order and tarnished women’s honor and respect.” If convicted, Jennifer freaking Lopez could face one month to two years in prison. Go ahead and giggle. We did the same.

Lopez has performed in Morocco a ton of times in the past, but since her set was broadcasted on public TV, it seems like folks are making it a bigger issue. How about next time you book an artist that you know isn’t going to perform a single called“Booty”?

Watch Lopez’s show from Morocco’s Mawazine Music Festival (including opening number “Booty) below!

Lopez hasn’t responded to the lawsuit, but we’re sure it’s going to be something like, erm, “Kiss my ***.”

Should J.Lo have specifically changed the set or are they making a big deal out of nothing? Tell us in Exhale.