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Jennifer Lopez Unexpectedly Catches Feels In The “Ni Tú Ni Yo” Video Featuring Gente de Zona

So many looks.

Jennifer Lopez’s new tune “Ni Tú Ni Yo” featuring Gente de Zona is a fiery love song, and the video gives it some context.

In the Emil Nava-directed clip, JLo sits down for a meeting with none other than her ex-husband, Marc Anthony, and introduces his former flame to photographer Khotan Fernandez. As the pair begin their work together, both realize they’ve unexpectedly caught each other’s eye, and from there it’s a story of lust and love.

“Como en la vida, el amor es así, nace de la nada y se convierte en todo, nunca imaginé enamorarme así,” JLo sings, which translates to, “As in life, love is like this It is born out of nothing and becomes everything, I never imagined falling in love like this.”

As expected with any JLo video, there are a number of ravishing looks.

Watch below:

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