Looks like it!


Not so cryptic tweets appear to confirm a duet is on the way!

Mark this down as the most unique collab to come out of 2015.

Jennifer Lopez and Missy Elliot all but confirmed over twitter that they might be cooking something up for us, as the superstars both make their latest returns to the current music scene.

Ultimate Music reports:

“In May 2015, Lopez announced her Las Vegas residency concert show which is to commence on January 20, 2016; the first of twenty initial dates. It will take place at Planet Hollywood’s The AXIS theater. Besides, Jennifer Lopez has followed Missy Elliott on Twitter denoting that both artists have been working on something together.”

J-Lo and Missy were the leading artists of their respective music genres back in the early 2000s, with Jenny dominating the Latin pop scene and Missy the reigning queen of rap. Missy has worked with a few pop stars over the years and J-Lo is no stranger to incorporating urban influences into her work. It’ll be intriguing to see what their combined talents sound like!

What do you think a J-Lo/Missy track will sound like?