Has Jennifer Lopez Stolen All Of Her Hit Songs, And Does It Matter If She Has?

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Jennifer Lopez is under fire for allegedly stealing most of her biggest hits.

By the books, JLo is one of the most commercially famous musicians of our time. She has a lengthy list of famous hits, and for those of you questioning that I challenge you to fire up Spotify and confirm you're not pretty (if not VERY) familiar with at least 10 of her songs. 

Alright, so we've established she's a bonafide recording artist, but how? That's the point of contention. Lopez's body of work is being questioned, and it's caused a shit storm on the Internet. 

A Twitter user by the name of @PallahAbdul has a bone to pick with the triple threat. They created a thread ripping apart the singer's singles, but it's not without merit. They provide receipts, and it's undeniable that Jenny from the Bronx had a one-up on the way to the top over most rising musicians.

"There is not one JLO hit that isn’t a stolen song of another artists. Not ONE," @PallahAbdul wrote. They point out multiple instances where this is seemingly the case.

Spoiler alert: if you like the illusion that is Jennifer Lopez™, stop reading now. Otherwise, carry on with this fascinating uncovering. 

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