Jennifer Lopez Snatches “I Luh Ya Papi” From Tinashe

October 8, 2014 By Jordan Miller

Jennifer Lopez Snatches "I Luh Ya Papi" From Tinashe

J Lo steals youth and now songs from her peers.

New York Times labeled Tinashe the next Beyonce, but they should’ve said Jennifer Lopez. The “2 On” singer revealed she wrote “I Luh Ya Papi” with producer Detail and was blind-sided when he gave it to the Puerto Rican princess.

She tells Fader:

“It wasn’t ‘Papi’ at first, it was ‘I Luh You *****,’ like, I luh ya luh ya luh ya *****. They switched the swag up a little bit!” Tinashe says with big rolling laughs. “It was intended for Aquarius and everything. Then Detail was in a session with J. Lo and he played her the track, because you know these producers sometimes, they’re like ‘Yo, lemme play you my hot ****!’ I guess she obviously really liked it, and she cut her version. One day Detail calls me and is like ‘B-T-dubs, J. Lo is singing that song.’ I didn’t believe it at first, I thought he was just not trying to give it to me for some reason. I was like ‘J. Lo does not want that song, she’s not gonna sing that.’ And then it came out. I guess she wanted it.”

She knew it wasn’t meant to be.

“I wasn’t tripping on it too much. I really roll with the punches. A lot of things happen for a reason. Timing always is perfect, even when you don’t think it is. I clearly wasn’t meant to have that song. Who knows, ‘2 On’ might not have existed if I had it.”

Can you imagine Tinashe on that song?

J Lo should have tried stealing more “Aquarius” tracks TBH.