Rumors don’t lie?

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira both want to deliver an epic performance at the forthcoming Super Bowl Halftime Show next month, but due to time constraints… it’s proving difficult.

Pressure’s on, and it’s reportedly made communications “icy” between both powerhouse pop titans.

“As usual with these Super Bowl performances, the performers are having trouble fitting their set into the time constraints,” a source tells “Right now, the halftime show in the works is running way longer than the allotted time. The NFL, along with the powers-that-be are trying to solve the issue.”

The two apparently had plans to perform together, but that’s no longer happening, according to the unnamed source.

“To make matters worse, both Jennifer Lopez and Shakira aren’t exactly ‘cozy.’ There were initial plans for them to perform a significant portion of the halftime show together — but that’s out the window,” they continue. “As of now, they’re just planning to appear briefly together at the end of the set. There isn’t any real feud, but there’s definitely a chill in the air between the two stars.”

The Super Bowl LIV kicks off Feb 2 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

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  1. Let’s not kill the karma. Let’s not start a fight. It’s not worth the drama. 😂

    True or not, this is gonna be a iconic nonetheless. Let the gameszzz begin. 💋

  2. On the one hand, Shakira and JLo are both boss *******, so hearing that they were going to share the Super Bowl was so weird to me. Any of them can handle it all perfectly by themselves, and both are perfectionist, so having to plan and respond to another top performer and their team sounds like a very difficult working scenario,

    1. On the other hand, it doesn’t surprise me that we’re hearing rumors of a feud against two women… It’s what misoginist media wants us to believe. They’re probably just stressed but handling everything as best as they could, and that’s it.

  3. Calling BS.

    Both of these women are consummate professionals and perfectionists. You don’t stay in the business for 20+ by being difficult to deal with. Ask Mariah.

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