She hopes the show will attract fans who wouldn’t necessarily attend a tour.

Jennifer Lopez Readies Las Vegas Residency: 'I've Been Preparing for This My Whole Life'

Come January 20, Jennifer Lopez will light up the Las Vegas strip with her new show.

It is a culmination of everything she’s done previously – and knowing JLo’s glamorous and jam-packed past… that’s a lot. “I’m excited about it. You know, I feel like I’ve been preparing for this my whole life,” she told Billboard, adding the show is “all of the different things I have done musically, and performing on stage and award shows, and touring. I toured a few years ago and it was a big success.”

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JLo performed a show at the Colosseum inside Caesars Palace on New Year’s Eve to test the waters. She marched through her biggest hits while maintaining high energy not many can match. The idea is to have a show “in one place where people from all over the world could come my show who wouldn’t normally come to a tour.”

Meanwhile, JLo is filming the final season of American Idol and shooting for her role in the upcoming NBC drama Shades of Blue and is working on a new studio album, but the show is always in the back of her mind.

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“It’s really an exciting prospect for me to create the quintessential Jennifer Lopez experience in Vegas,” she said. “It’s just an opportunity that is overwhelming and at the same time the most exciting thing that has happened to me in a long time, so I’m giving it all I have.”

“I am going to do what I think everybody has come to know me for,” she explained. “I am going to do my hits, obviously. It is going to be glamorous and beautiful and the costumes and all of it,” she said. “The production is something that I haven’t gotten to do yet. So it’s going to be me in my element doing what I do at the highest level and it’s exciting.”