Jennifer Lopez premieres new Sia-penned track, “Limitless,” from her upcoming film, Second Act.

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JLo live-premiered “Limitless” more than a month ago at the American Music Awards. Instead of rapidly releasing the studio version of it, Lopez let her Bad Bunny-assisted banger, “Te Guste,” soak up the spotlight.

Now that we’ve cooled our jets from their NSFL video together, “Limitless” has now made its way onto the stream waves.

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It’s going to be a no from me, dawg.

No matter how hard I try, I can’t help but hear Sia in it – namely the repetitive no no crying pre-chorus part.

JLo usually puts her own spin on songs, but I think her busy schedule kept the triple threat from really sinking her teeth into this (she reportedly makes $137,623 per minute, so…).

IT’S NICE, but if Spotify didn’t include the writing credits on “Limitless,” I could have still guessed Sia was all over this. It says JLo is the sole performer, but my ears beg to differ.

“I told myself I had to be a different someone / In order to win at a war I had already won,” she sings. “Yeah, I’d given up on the saying ‘I’ll never give up’ / But look at me now/ Yeah, look at me, I’m limitless.” Inspiring nonetheless.

Now that I’ve bummed you out, give “Limitless” a spin below. Maybe I just need nap.

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