Jennifer Lopez stars in two new music videos: one for “Te Bote 2,” featuring Casper Magico, Nio Garcia, Wisin, Yandel and Cosculluela, and the other for her Sia-penned ballad, “Limitless,” from her new film Second Act.

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JLo is giving Nicki Minaj a run for her money for dropping several music videos in the same week.

The first is an icy, Spanish-tinged remix of Nio Garcia and Casper Magico’s hit “Te Boté.” Lopez joins Casper Magico, Nio Garcia, Wisin, Yandel and Cosculluela for the re-working. On it, JLo weaves between Spanish and English as she sings about rejecting some poor fool’s attempt to win her back.

As she does, JLo serves several lewks in the video. Not a hundred percent sold on the white, leather jacket with the word “NO” popping out of it, mostly because the “O” looks like a toilet seat, but perhaps that’s her subtle way of saying men are **** and to have several seats.

The remix clocks in at just under seven minutes, so plan accordingly.

JLo also released a video for her Sia-penned ballad, “Limitless.” The song initially debuted months ago when Lopez performed it live at the American Music Awards, and I couldn’t not hear Sia throughout it. I stand by that today, but the video breathes much needed life into it.

This marks JLo’s directorial debut.

A press release for the clip does a better job at explaining its thematic concept than I could. “Featuring a colorful cast of women battling the forces of nature to eventually create their own storm, the message of the video, according to Lopez, is for women everywhere to say: ‘I am worth something. I have value. I am equal. I am limitless.'”

The girl appearing throughout the clip is Lopez’s daughter, Emme.

The video serves extra cheese, but I wouldn’t have my Sia ballads translated any other way.

This one is another lengthy one (I see you A.D.D. Millennials) at just under five minutes, but it’s quite a spectacle and worth a play. Enjoy your double feature!

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