“The real question is, how will I develop from Reflections into my future projects?”

Budding musician Jean-Paul’s 2018 LP Reflections premiered on BreatheHeavy.com, and the singer-songwriter returns with self-conceptualized visuals for it. On the tracks, he channels some of our favs, like Britney, Madonna, Lana and Rihanna, but the videos – which highlights JP’s many alter egos – are all him.

“Growing up, I’ve always showcased symptoms of ID (Identity Dissonance),” JP tells us. “Very seldom I would engage in certain activity that was outside of my typical interests or behavior. I’d later forget the whole interaction. As I got older, I learned to cope with the forgotten events and attached pieces of inspiration to every time I felt ‘out of the norm.’ The visual EP showcases my egos in chapters. Unconscious Beauty delivers a ‘halo Jean-Paul’ meanwhile the video transitions into a darker – ‘rebellious Jean-Paul.’ It’s suppose to illustrate a dramatic change – how I’ll ultimately be able to rebel against society and fulfill my own desires. Eccentricities delivers a ‘**** Jean-Paul.’ Throughout the video I sexualize myself – I sometimes embody a more lighthearted, carefree demeanor… my looks, and my style are eccentric – I can’t help it. Revenge depicts a ‘neutral Jean-Paul’ – This image of myself is rational, and inspiring. I’m often inspired by tactic; what I do with the information inspires myself. These alter egos all define me. I believe heavily in reinventing one’s image on a day to day basis.”

He added: “Reflections as a whole serves as an introduction to Jean-Paul. The visual album proclaims ‘this is how inspiration starts.’ Each video serves as a piece in a three part story to get the public acquainted with who I am, and what I stand for. Modern top 40 pop is… difficult to dissect any messages that aren’t blatantly addressed with little to no ‘uniqueness.’ It’s important to withhold onto ones own unique attributes and talent. This is just a steppingstone in my the journey that awaits me.”

Jean-Paul tells us the secret to finding success in music is the freedom to create. “It’s important to keep an artist (one who is truly creative with no limits), at a potent state of creativity,” he said. “Music is suppose to sound good, and feel good – there are different tastes for everyone, but as long as the music is out there, it’s stamped in history. Success should be based ones own fulfillment.”

Watch the visuals below, and if you like what you see, Jean-Paul has merchandise to match.

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