Jean-Paul and chill to new album, Reflections.

Jean-Paul and chill to new album, Reflections.

Singer-songwriter Jean-Paul taps into some of the world’s most influential pop music superstars on his latest release. The slinky, seductive vibes have obvious nods to your favorite pop queens, like Britney on the Super Dark Energy Mix of “Welcome To Me,” or Christina Aguilera on “Eccentricities.” It’s sensory overload (in a good way).

Reflections depicts a new era for pop music in 2018,” Jean-Paul tells of the album that premieres on today. “Driven from my major inspirations (Britney Spears, Madonna, Lana Del Rey, Sky Ferreira, Rihanna, & FKA Twigs). I felt as if we are suffering from a lack of originality in pop music – specifically gearing towards the way a song sounds, how it makes us feel, and how it inspires the audience. Reflections strives to serve as a new pop basis in its dynamic and motivating sound.”


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He adds: “People should look at Reflections with an open mind, and possibly hold current artists to the same level of creativity. Regardless of whether an artist has the vocal ability, content is what drives people to do great things.”

Jean-Paul says the creation process was an intimate reflection of his inner-most thoughts, personally crafting the record with his creative team, including producer AlexanderBeatz and sound engineer Sed.

“Here is the surprise within Reflections… four of the seven songs are originally composed by my team, and written by myself! The only three that aren’t are: “Revenge” (a Madonna demo with William Orbit), “Welcome 2 Me” (a Britney demo scrapped), & “Plastic” (a demo proposed to Britney’s team… possibly recorded by Myah Marie).” Myah Marie may or may not be a Britney Jean ghost singer.

“I felt confident enough in myself to recreate the three songs, to tie in the complete message for Reflections,” Jean-Paul continues. “Being an independent artist is challenging – however inspiration is the only force that enables one to elevate their creativity. When I wrote the other original four songs I completely disregarded the covers, and made sure to given listeners a therapeutic experience.”

Listen to Reflections below:

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  1. I’m happy that this kid is living his best and truest life, but the music is trash. Do we really have to celebrate every gay artist just because they are gay? I mean, we drag straight artists who are obviously terrible. Why should we spare the gay ones? Sigh. There should still be something said for talent, not just serving looks.

  2. To be fair I think there are a lot of good ideas in his songs, but everything is produced horribly arranged horribly and his vocals with those corny lyrics are laughably bad.

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