Jean Baptiste Hints At Pharrell & “Blur” Writer On Album 8?

May 17, 2013 By Jordan Miller

Jean Baptiste Hints At Pharrell On Album 8?

Jean Baptiste posted a message on Facebook about running into Pharrell and Stacy Barthe this week. He’s been pretty candid about his recent work on Album 8, so we can only speculate Pharrell is definitely in, as is Stacy Barthe (wrote “Blur”).

He said:

“Super sick but still going in to work. Yesterday was dope. Ran into the amazing Stacy Barthe and also ran into Pharrell, then did some amazing songs with Matt Squire!!! ‘Work!!! Put ’em in the dirt…'”

It’s assumed Pharrell has a role on this new album, but a big YES to Stacy Barthe – “Blur” is the most underrated track off “Circus.” True tea spilled.