Jean Baptiste Cut From "Britney Jean"

Producer Jean Baptiste teased fans all year with his Facebook messages and Tweets about working HAM on the new Britney record, but unfortunately his efforts didn’t pay off. He posted a message to fans on Facebook confirming he didn’t make the album.

“Jean-Baptiste, Dj Replay and Michael McHenry aka Free School are regrettably not on Britney Spears “Britney Jean” album. As a fan I’m gonna purchase it when it comes out and I hope you all do the same. Don’t feel sorry for us. I did “Scream and Shout,” her 3rd biggest single ever. Love!!!!”

Baptiste was kept in the loop throughout the recording process, though. He told fans back in July the tracks she did with Will.I.Am are hot.

“Will I Am just did one of the best and biggest Britney songs ever!!! Btw she sounds amazing on all the new material!!!! You guys are gonna be blown away!!!!”

Just the way the cookie crumbles. See ya on Album 9!