JC Chasez: Britney Is ‘Pulling It Together’

August 22, 2008 By Jordan Miller

Britney Spears is back to making music – and that may just be the best medicine for the troubled singer, says her old friend JC Chasez.

“As far as Britney getting back in the studio, [it’s] obviously a good thing,” the former ‘N Sync star – and current judge on America’s Best Dance Crew – told PEOPLE after Thursday’s live season finale. “If she’s doing what she loves – because she’s had a love for music for such a long time – [then] I’m all for it.”

Spears, 26, has had a rough few years, including a bitter divorce, well-documented mental health issues, and a protracted custody battle for her kids. (As of now, ex-husband Kevin Federline has sole custodyof sons Jayden, 1 1/2, and Preston, 2 1/2, while Spears has visitation rights.)

But Chasez says it’s not fair to judge Spears for her mistakes.

“I’m glad she’s pulling it together, because everybody falls down in life at one time or another,” he said. “The toughest part is, how do you pick yourself up again? It looks like she’s on the path to doing that – and it’s a good thing to see.”

Source: People.com