Britney Spears’ minder Julio Camera spoke to INF exclusively about the celebrity’s constant pursuit by the paparazzi, on the day he was cited by the Las Vegas Police Department for assaulting a photographer. We’re sorry we couldn’t post this sooner, but we had to embargo it until several paying media outlets had a chance to run the interview.

Camera – nicknamed JC – refused to comment directly about the alleged attack on the paparazzo, as legal proceedings are pending, but he told us: “Things are just getting too crazy out there and someone is going to get hurt or killed. A lot of these photographers don’t care about their own safety, never mind anyone else’s.”

Camera said he feared for his own safety sometimes, as well as that of his clients’ and members of the public.

He went on: “The longer this situation goes on, the more dangerous things are becoming. I know that photographers are just doing their jobs and are trying to get their shots and there’s a lot of competition between you guys, but there is a line that shouldn’t and can’t be crossed.”

Camera’s comments were made on the same day that security cameras reportedly caught him thumping a photographer in the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas where Britney Spears was staying. Camera allegedly wrestled the photographer to the ground after the shooter accidentally bumped into Britney’s son, Sean Preston. Britney and her minder checked out of the hotel a short time later, and Britney filed her own police report, saying that the photographer had battered her bodyguard and her child, who was being held by Camera at the time of the incident.


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