We’re running out of drowning puns here…


Another day, another A-list attempt to stop streaming service Tidal from becoming one of the music industry’s biggest missteps.

Tidal co-owner Jay Z has announced he will perform some of his rarest b-sides and album tracks in a special concert, including songs he has never performed live before.

The concert will be broadcast on Tidal, of course and is titled Tidal X: Jay Z B-Sides.

Only subscribers can win exclusive tickets by submitting their own created playlists to the service between April 29 and May 8.

The location of the concert is unknown at this stage but will take place somewhere in New York.

The promise of performances of rare tracks will certainly attract the attention of longtime rap fans, and is admittedly a pretty special treat for his fanbase, some of whom would have been following his career since the mid 90s.

But will this honestly appeal to anyone else?

I can personally attest to Jay Z being one of the best live concerts one could attend, but who knows if 2 hours of songs no-one knows the words to is the right way to make Tidal seem like a more inclusive service that understands what music fans really want?

The concert will be held May 13th.