Good for Tidal, bad for the fans.

Good for Tidal, bad for the fans.

Jay Z owns the music streaming service, so it’s understandable why he pulled his albums off of Spotify and Apple Music this week, but it’s unfortunate.

As The Verge points out, the rapper still has his features and projects with R. Kelly and Linkin Park remaining on the services, but the rest of his music was removed “at the request of the artist.” Of course you can stream it on Tidal.

This is Jay’s third time at it. After is platform launched, he pulled his debut album, Reasonable Doubt, off of every medium except Tidal. Last year, his entire Blueprint series followed suit. Interestingly, Jay’z music remains on Google Play Music (minus the aforementioned) and for purchase on iTunes.

Look, if you want to stream Jay without restriction, it’s probably time to sign up for Tidal.

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