Jay Z Pulls A Taylor Swift; Removes Album From Spotify

April 6, 2015 By Jessica

The Tidal wave continues to sprawl…

Jay Z has become the second artist, after Taylor Swift, to remove his music from streaming service Spotify.

While he hasn’t erased his entire discography (yet), Spotify users can no longer listen to Jay’s 1996 album Reasonable Doubt, largely considered to be his best body of work.

The move is the third significant action taken by artists associated with the new streaming service Tidal, in a bid to draw music fans to the subscription based streaming system.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few days, you’ll remember that both Beyonce and Rihanna have offered exclusive Tidal only content and it would appear this is Jay Z’s first artistic move as part of the attempt to sway music consumers to his side.

Bloomberg.com says of the erasure:

“…the plan is to increase the pressure on fans to choose, perhaps through deals not only with artists but with concert promoters and other parts of the industry. (His label already has a deal with Live Nation.)”

What do you think the Tidal squad will do next?