Barack Obama recorded a special video message.

Jay Z is full of thanks.

Jay is celebrating becoming the first rapper ever to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame by hopping onto Twitter and Tweeting the names of rappers, new and old, who have inspired him throughout his career.

The feat even sparked a special video from former President Barack Obama (we miss you!!!).

So who does Jay shed light on? For starters… Chance the Rapper. He responded by saying he’ll be “putting [Jay Z’s Tweet] in a trophy case.” Jay also mentioned KRS One, Mobb Deep, Ice Cube, Slick Rick, Raekwon, Nicki Minaj, Ghostface, Rakim, 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G., Nas, J. Cole, Tyler the Creator, Foxy Brown, The Lox, Snoop Dogg and De La Soul and many more.

Excuse Hova’s grammar. He swears he’s not drunk, but perhaps a little celebratory champagne is in order. Not only did he make history, but it’s rumored Beyonce has given/is giving birth to their twins right now.

Check out what’s good below:

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