Jason Trawick is sipping some true tea, blasting Harvey Levin on Sunday, but his latest victims in his crosshair (pun intended) are X17 and JustJared.

What a dear (pun intended).

To counter this we need some BreatheHeavy love! Check it out:

UPDATE: Check out some of the responses since he posted his video.

Tweeter: JASON!! plz tell me you weren’t huntin that lil thing!!? Ahhh…no no no..listen, be good to Britters. I’ve bn a Fn since ’98!
Jason: @Jetthead83 hell no. Never hunted in my life. I’m an animal lover. I’m the type that picks up spiders and puts them outside.

Tweeter: Aww no shade to JustJared – they play nice! Shade Perez Hilton that JERK!
Jason: @SnangerLove I was playing. I like justjared and perez sweet guys.

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