Jason Trawick

Jason Trawick’s New Viddy

Jason Trawick is sipping some true tea, blasting Harvey Levin on Sunday, but his latest victims in his crosshair (pun intended) are X17 and JustJared.

What a dear (pun intended).

To counter this we need some BreatheHeavy love! Check it out:

UPDATE: Check out some of the responses since he posted his video.

Tweeter: JASON!! plz tell me you weren’t huntin that lil thing!!? Ahhh…no no no..listen, be good to Britters. I’ve bn a Fn since ’98!
Jason: @Jetthead83 hell no. Never hunted in my life. I’m an animal lover. I’m the type that picks up spiders and puts them outside.

Tweeter: Aww no shade to JustJared – they play nice! Shade Perez Hilton that JERK!
Jason: @SnangerLove I was playing. I like justjared and perez sweet guys.

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