Taylor Swift’s agent and Britney’s boyfriend, Jason Trawick, has reportedly met with ex-husband Kevin Federline to get his approval before asking Britney to marry him.

Jason set up a meeting between himself, Britney, Kevin and the boys to get Kevin’s OK on the alleged marriage proposal.

A source said:


“Jason not only professed his love for Britney, he told Kevin he absolutely adores his two sons. Jason acknowledged that Kevin will always be the boys’ real dad, but respectfully asked his blessing as a future co-parent. Jason has been spending lots of time with the boys to try and bond with them.”

The meeting apparently went well; the meeting concluding in hugs.


The source added:

“Kevin couldn’t be happier, he trusts Jason. The guys agreed to be in close touch – and Britney’s thrilled knowing she’s now one step closer to her goal of marrying Jason and living happily ever after.”

It’s about time, because according to recent media reports Britney has already proposed to Jason. TWICE!

Is Britney aware that she will not gain ANY legal or social freedom from the conservatorship by marrying Jason? I sure hope she is!

Hmm… I wonder if Kevin and Victoria ever set up a meeting to get Britney’s approval before THEY started dating.

Doubt it!

Image: x17online.com

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