Jason Trawick tells Elle Britney basically suggested getting engaged, but RadarOnline begs to differ.

“Jason absolutely made the first move on Britney and it happened when they were on vacation at Mel Gibson’s Costa Rican vacation home,” a source close to the situation tells Radar. “Britney’s conservatorship had just been put in place, and Jason was one of the few people who was allowed to be with her at that very precarious time.

“Jason had feelings for Britney for a very, very long time and Costa Rica seemed like the perfect place to launch the romance. Things progressed very slowly, and over time and Britney eventually developed very strong feelings for him.”

Just months after the announcement of their engagement, Jason became Britney’s conservator over her personal affairs.

“Britney hasn’t given an interview to the media since the conservatorship has been put in place without a chaperone, handlers, or Jason being there,” the source tells Radar. “Britney’s team dictates the terms of the interviews and pre-approves the questions beforehand and what questions are off limits.”

“It would be very interesting to know if Britney would say the same things without all of her people are around her.”

As for wedding plans, the source adds Brit and Jason won’t tie the knot this year.

“Britney and Jason won’t be getting married this year as there is just way too much going on in her life to plan a wedding,” the insider says.

“The wedding will be a small intimate affair.”

Britney revealed to Us Weekly last year she made the first move on Jason, as well.

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