Jason Derulo drags Shawn Mendes’ VMAs performance.

What’s that sound? Those are the sirens cause IT’S JA-SON DERULOOOO. The singer is upset Shawn Mendes, who just scored his first-ever No. 1 with “Señorita,” is getting critical acclaim without (according to him) putting in the necessary work to up his performance game.

Derulo was asked by Official Charts if whole idea the traditional ‘popstar package’ has fallen out of fashion. Here’s what he had to say:

“Performing is such a lost art. I come from a different school,” Derulo said.

“When I watch these award shows and I see a dude comes out in a white t-shirt, I’m like, s**t, that’s terrible man, this is what the music industry is. And that s**t happens over and over again. How is that okay? How are we okay with our award shows looking like this? I love the total package, so you know, you kind of feel a little slighted.”

Derulo doesn’t mention Mendes by name, but it’s safe to say he’s referencing the “In My Blood” singer.

He also praised Normani and her back-flipping performance that same night. “Man, it’s so refreshing. So refreshing. That’s a clear example of the difference. And peoples reaction to is like, ‘What is this? Someone is singing and dancing? I don’t understand?!’”

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