The UK girl group sang it an awesome cover of it, but Derulo was unaware.

Jason Derulo Finally Hears Little Mix's "Want To Want Me" Cover

He could only avoid it for so long.

Earlier this week, Little Mix sang a stripped, gospel-like cover of Jason Derulo’s summer hit “Want To Want Me” which lead into Whitney Houston‘s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” Their dope rendition caught the attention of everyone! Except Jason Derulo, who said he saw his Twitter mentions exploding about it, but couldn’t be bothered to check it – that is, until his Shazam Top 20 appearance where he was forced to listen to it and give a reaction that was satisfactory. He appears to be feeling it, then really feeling it, then seems bored.

“I was into that! Now I see why it was going viral,” Derulo said, confirming he heard about it but just didn’t want to see it. “I was looking at my Twitter today and everyone’s like, ‘Have you seen the Little Mix cover?’”

We’re onto you Jasonnnnn Derulooooo.