Jason Derulo Drops "Want To Want Me" Video

You might want to crack a window or turn on the AC because things are getting all kinds of hot in Jason Derulo’s new video.

Appropriately premiered on Tinder, Jason Derulo’s new MV features the “Talk Dirty” star looking steamier than ever set to the backdrop of his extraordinarily average new single, “Want To Want Me”.

Check it out below:

The video is essentially almost four minutes of soft-core *********** as Derulo writhes around dripping with sweat, seducing his stunning but unnamed co-star and doing some inexplicably attractive ab work. It’s an effective enough visual which plays well on the hormones of Jason’s core audience, but it’s not groundbreaking stuff.

Similarly, the track, which is the lead single from his forthcoming 5th (!!) studio album, is a fairly standard affair. Produced by grammy-nominated Ian Kirkpatrick, the song utilises Jason’s strength for a good falsetto vocal and is perfectly listenable, although quite unremarkable. “Want To Want Me” is probably catchy enough that it’ll do reasonably well on radio but Derulo is apparently quite content with mediocrity because altogether it’s pretty basic.

It’s no “Talk Dirty”, essentially.

No word yet on a release date or title for Derulo’s new record, but hopefully whenever it’s released, it features more promising work than “Want To Want Me”.

What do YOU think of Jason’s new single?