Britney’s boyfriend, Jason Trawick, has reportedly maintained a long-term affair with his personal assistant from the William Morris agency, according to Star Magazine.

The skanky ***** in question, Jessica Steindorff, met Jason in 2007.

“Jason has been cheating on Britney with Jessica from the beginning of their relationship,” a close friend of Jessica’s reveals to Star. “He has deceived Britney with his lies for too long, and somebody needs to tell her the truth, even if it hurts.”

Jessica, who declined to comment, began “rendezvousing for *** dates at his Bel Air home or her Hollywood apartment.”

When Britney and Jason began “seriously dating,” that is, in the public eye, he tried convincing her it was all lies. “He was always telling Jessica that he had broken up with Britney so it was OK that they were sleeping together,” the friend tells Star.

Star even has email exchanges between Jason and Jessica, including one from December which said:


“Miss you. Best u left. Just wanted a kiss.”

Star continues to say that Jason and Jessica had a recent “STD scare” that “really freaked Jessica out.”



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