BRITNEY SPEARS’ 55-hour husband, JASON ALEXANDER, was planning the couple’s honeymoon when six of her lawyers duped him into signing annulment papers.

JASON ALEXANDER wed Spears in Las Vegas, Nevada in January 2004 after the pop superstar confessed to a longtime crush on the former college football star and then proposed to him.

But Alexander tells US magazine IN TOUCH he quickly realised how much trouble he had caused after the wedding ceremony when Spears’ attorneys turned up at their hotel door.

He recalls, “We were planning our honeymoon, and then two hours later, there were six lawyers in the room saying to me, ‘You’re messing up her career. She’s got a tour coming up. We need to fix this.'”

“So, I signed an annulment. I didn’t even know what it was. I thought it was a pre-nup.”

Alexander admits he’s spent the past 16 months mourning the loss of a life as Britney’s husband: “I’ve thought about her every day since my wedding, and in the few moments when I’m not thinking about her, one of her songs comes on the radio, and I’m thinking about her again. It’s tough.”

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