January 3, 2008.

1 year ago tonight, Britney Spears was rushed to the hospital against her will after a traumatic episode with her son Jayden James following a deposition hearing earlier that day.

It’s a night I still think about, and remain amazed and inspired by her bravery through it all.

I know we are all so proud of Britney and her progress, but it still irks me knowing she released an album in the same year considering the severe amount of restraint, control and stress she’s currently under. It’s just too soon.

It’s a night I don’t like to bring up often, but it’s a night I will never forget.

Today also marks the 5 year anniversary of Britney’s quickie 55-hour Vegas marriage to childhood friend and self-proclaimed hick Jason Alexander.

What a year. We love you Brit – hang in there!

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