January 25 - Britney Flashes An Engagement Ring?

Britney’s rocked a ring on her ring finger before, but she normally isn’t so in-your-face about it.

Homegirl Tweeted she wanted to play basketball on Saturday, but she found herself at her son Jayden’s soccer match sporting a gold band on that finger.

Like, you don’t hold your hand up like that unless you’re “HEY. LOOL AT THIS,” unless it’s your middle finger, of course.

January 25 - Britney Flashes An Engagement Ring?

Don’t jump to any conclusions, though. Back in August, 2009 she wore one for an MTV VMA commercial shoot. Again in June, 2011, Brit wore a big rock on her ring finger (months before her and Jason were engaged). She also wore one on August, 2011, during a Femme Fatale show, during lunch to the Meatball Spot in Las Vegas in March of last year and again in May of last year leaving a Starbucks.

Make dem headlines, Brit!

Images: Splash via DailyMail