Britney Spears is back in Hollywood, and grabs lunch at Mary’s. January 18, 2007. Click the picture below to access the entire set of pictures in the gallery.

Britney Spears is back in Hollywood, and grabs lunch at Mary's. January 18, 2007.


Britney Records With Chris Brown & Black Eyed Peas Artist

Looks like Britney Spears has a backup plan if her stalled musical comeback flops … and it involves a paper hat.

Wanting a snack and attention, the pop star and a few close friends hit Hamburger Mary’s restaurant in West Hollywood last night to chow down on a plate of nachos. During the meal, the ladies snapped several photos of each other at their booth before taking the picture-party to the center of the eatery.

Late for a date at a recording studio, the posse made their way out of Mary’s back door. A stuffed Spears made sure to thank the curious cooks, and offered to “work in your kitchen one night.” Brit and K-Fed might have something in common after all.

Brit’s Boy Drops In — Click to WatchBrit and company then shot over to Record Plant studio, where she met up with R&B star Chris Brown and Tabu from the Black Eyed Peas –but the only guest she seemed to care about was her new boytoy, Isaac Cohen. As the K-Fed-alike and a female friend made their way inside, photogs asked, “Are you and Britney getting married?” The two just laughed.

After the session, Isaac chivalrously offered his hat to Britney to shield her face from the waiting photogs. (Yes, she’s camera shy.) The lovebirds then jumped in a car and sped off into the night.


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