Britney kicked off her day by heading to a recording studio!

Later, Britney was spotted shopping with Jason Trawick in L.A. on Thursday, according to

Britney shopped for furniture in Beverly Hills with assistant Brett Miller and bodyguard Edan two days in a row.

Photogs on the scene say Britney “seemed relieved to get out of the house,” and “appeared to be in better spirits than in recent days.”

Britney then headed to the Chateau Marmont on Sunset Blvd. to meet up with her now ex-boyfriend for a talk.

Jason arrived before Britney, but left together in her Mercedes G Wagon to continue their talk.

Brett and the bodyguard followed in Jason’s car.


Jason stopped off at his home near the Getty Center in LA to pick up some things before heading to Britney’s home in Calabasas.

Let’s hope he doesn’t spend the night!


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