And nothing was ever the same.


Miss Jackson (if ya’ nasty) has a cryptic message for fans desperate for her comeback.

It’s been a long seven years since Janet Jackson’s last studio album but speculating is rife that the wait for new music from the youngest Jackson sibling might be coming to an end.

Over the last week Janet’s fans have launched a missing persons inquest regarding the “Control” icon over Twitter (cannot) which caught the attention of long-time collaborator and bonafide musical genius, Jimmy Jam.

The real excitement kicked in last night when Jackson retweeted Jimmy’s endorsement of her fans’ desperation and enigmatically tweeted:

But what does it all mean?

Well, here’s what we do know (spoiler alert: it’s not much.)

Janet was linked to residency rumors back in January, with people speculating that she’d take on a series of five to ten shows in line with Diana Ross’ stop in Sin City this month. Although Janet didn’t confirm the news, she also didn’t deny it and since then the idea has picked up traction.

Would Miss Jackson release an album to go with her theorised residency? Quite possibly. Although there was a general commercial indifference to her last LP, 2008’s ‘Discipline’, there’s certainly demand for the recently-wed legend to return to the studio. Janet’s a rare example of a star who doesn’t typically pander to trends or strive to stay relevant and she has the ability to work with big name producers but maintain her sonic identity, a skill many of her contemporaries emphatically lack. There’s been talk of a new set for years now, so hopefully her return to Twitter indicates that we don’t have long to go until Jackson comes for your faves.

Whatever the case may be, don’t forget…

Are you excited for the potential return of Janet Jackson?