Show these girls how it’s done, Janet.


Janet Jackson is returning with her first studio album in seven years after reportedly signing with Atlantic Records.

A list of release dates for the record label’s artists made its way online yesterday with the pop legend’s untitled eleventh LP pencilled in for a July 10 release.

Retailers have confirmed the album’s existence is real and revealed it could potentially be called “Unbreakable” as Janet has leased the title already.


Then, as though this wasn’t already too much information to process at once, they sent out a incredible new promotional picture of the 48-year-old’s naked silhouette outlined in neon lights with a white box covering her cleavage.

It may just be a censored version of the real picture but part of me hopes that the box was intentional to address the infamous malfunction that’s haunted Janet’s career for the last decade.


An unsightly white box ruining the original artistic photo symbolic of the media destroying her own artistic legacy and letting one event overshadow all of her successes she enjoyed over the two decades prior. A huge #FreeTheNipple moment, y’know.

The highly-ancitipated return of Janet Jackson has reached boiling point in the past year as pop stars have forgotten how to be pop stars – half-assing everything from visuals and performances to promotion and the music itself – so we need R&B’s M.V.P to show the new generations how it’s done.

We know that Janet has still been recording during her quiet spell but – besides one new song for a Greatest Hits collection and movie soundtrack contributions – we have not heard new material since 2008’s critically-praised “Discipline.”

Some say that her career never recovered from the Superbowl incident but in all honesty Janet’s last three studio efforts were not on par with the boundary-pushing, record-breaking standard of her prior releases.

Therefore, I hope that her musical hiatus has creatively inspired her to deliver her provocative, intelligent, socially-conscious best once again because it’s certainly been long enough for the world to crave her return.

Go on, Miss Janet!