Is SL333P the title of Janet’s new single?

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Possible new details emerge surrounding Janet Jackson’s upcoming record.

As pop music lovers impatiently wait for the impending album from Miss Jackson, tiny clues revealing prevalent information about the icon’s new music trickle in. Previously, Janet surprised fans with the announcement she’s returning on her terms, releasing music through Rhythm Nation records via BMG as well as a new tour (and movement), but no word when we could expect the grand debut. BMG confirmed the album launches this fall, but no confirmation when we can expect the lead single. Rumor has it the initial drop hits this month, and thanks to a Tweet from Jimmy Jam, one of the project’s collaborators, it appears true.

Jimmy posted a cryptic Tweet of a lyric sheet with the hashtags #Plush #NoSL333P #ConversationsInACafe.

Internet detectives determined the music sheet he posted did have the words “No SL333P” and “Plush” on them as well as songwriting credits from Janet, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Not long after the Tweet made the rounds, alleged lyrics of the song “No SL333P” leaked:

“You wanting me
Me wanting you
Whenever we meet
We ain’t gonna get no sl333p

When I get to be
Together with you
It’s full grooving
We ain’t gonna get no sl333p

“Janet is not just a supreme artist, she is a unique cultural force whose work resonates around the world,” said BMG CEO Hartwig Masuch in a statement last week. “It is an honor that she has chosen BMG to release her long-awaited new album. We look forward to collaborating with her across every platform.”

We’re indifferent about using numbers in words, but regardless we are ecstatic for Janet’s nearing return.

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