Much like literally every other diva over the age of 30, Janet Jackson has been linked to residency-rumours. Here’s why she should do it.

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Much like literally every other diva over the age of 30, Janet Jackson has been linked to residency-rumours. Here’s why she should do it.

Off the back of the announcement that Diana Ross will be embarking on a mini residency at the Venetian in Sin City this April, it seems that yet another ageing pop legend will be joining the relentlessly influential Britney on the strip: this time it’s Janet, Miss Jackson if you nasty.

The rumours are entirely unsupported, but claims are being made that Diana Ross’ short engagement at the theatre is the start of a new series of performances including Lionel Ritchie, Ricky Martin and none other than the “Rhythm Nation” diva herself. Theoretically this would likely mean that Janet wouldn’t be signing on for a long-term residency, the likes of which we’ve historically seen from Celine, Cher and co. (and more recently Britney and her imitators,) but a set of performances similar to those Ross has confirmed for April. The Las Vegas Sun claims that Jackson is looking at dates over the next two years though, so whether it’ll be a one of set of appearances of a recurring deal remains to be seen.

If true, this is the best Janet news we’ve heard in a while. Janet’s supporters seem to be few and far between these days (especially when considering the disappointing performance of her last studio album, 2008’s ‘Discipline’) but those who are still rallying behind the infamous nip-slipper would view this as a very good move. Janet has repeatedly proven herself as one of the best live performers on the scene, with her most recent tour, ‘Up Close and Personal,’ receiving critical acclaim and selling extremely well (especially considering the general commercial indifference to the tour’s associated greatest hits record, ‘Number Ones.’)

However, what best proves Janet’s suitability to a Vegas show is what was so outstanding about ‘Up Close and Personal’, Jackson’s decision to trade the larger arenas and stadiums of her youth for theatres the size of which she’d be playing at the Venetian. Janet proved herself fully able to command a stage without all the bells and whistles of arena touring, so the prospect of her setting up shop in the 1,815 seat venue makes a lot of sense. Plus, joining the ranks of Diana Ross and Lionel Ritchie (and, um, Ricky Martin…) she’d be in good company and solidify her status as a living legend (a fact people seem to need frequent reminding of in Jackson’s case.)

If you’re still in need of convincing then you’re inexplicably basic then watch this clip of one of Janet’s last television appearances, on the X Factor in 2009:

Proof, if any was needed, that Jacksons only get better with time.

Having said all that, we should bare in mind that at this stage, everything’s just speculation. And as the “Nasty” legend said…

Any questions?

Are YOU here for a Janet residency?