Fans Reportedly Walk Out Of Janet Jackson Concert In Australia Due To Lip-Syncing Accusations

November 18, 2019 By Jordan Miller

Janet Jackson is under fire.

A group of fans attending Jackson’s recent show in Brisbane, Australia, were less than impressed. They reportedly left mid-concert because Janet’s vocals weren’t completely live. She also faced similar backlash at her show in Perth earlier this month.

Fox News published pleasant comments from concert-goers. “When Janet Jackson came on it was just a disaster,” one read. “Her sound was just terrible. She would be singing and then all of a sudden just do random stuff.”


One critic claimed there were “audio problems, with her lip-syncing painfully out of sync with the music and her performance lacking energy.”

It’s worth pointing out most artists don’t sing 100% live the entire show because of the immense strain it puts on their vocals. Also, being in the presence of a legend should suffice. Their loss!

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